Morocco Travel Guide, Culture, Food, Desert life – MetanoiaTravelGuide

Morocco Travel Guide, Culture, Food, Desert life – MetanoiaTravelGuide

Morocco, the Magic country: combines different cultures' influences from Berber, Arabian, and European. Tangier, Fès, Meknès, Casablanca, Marrakesh...just the names of these cities stir a hint of spice in the nostrils. With spectacular historic architecture, bustling cities, huge ancient markets, and intriguing nature, space in perpetual motion - the minute you set foot in the country you know you've arrived somewhere very different.

On Morocco Tours, you'll get a chance to enrich your experience with diverse cultures and traditions. The rugged snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the laidback surfing beaches are indeed enticing. Furthermore, it has a fantastic year-round climate that takes you on a pleasing vacation. Explore its culture and lifestyle, get lost in the souks, take a camel ride in the desert, or indulge in sumptuous cuisines, all your wanderlust would be satisfied in Morocco.

Holidays to Morocco has brought an opportunity to explore the four major mountain ranges. Those are also part of Atlas Mountain. You can discover the High Atlas Mountain from Marrakesh. Also, include the country's tallest mountain of Jbel Toubkal offers diverse walking trails. Furthermore, visit Berber villages, camp in the wild, trek with mules, see native wildlife, and praise the stunning views.

The world-famous Sahara Desert is located in Morocco. Probably, it is the biggest and hot desert on earth. So, when you go on the Morocco trip, you must put this desert on your bucket list. Moreover, find its huge dunes of Erg Chebbi nearby Merzouga. It is a splendid sight. Enjoy camel trekking, camping, as well as photography on All Inclusive Morocco Private Tour Packages.

Moroccan food takes great advantage of the natural bounty of a country where eating is both a practical and social ritual. The strong Arab influence found in two of the royal cities, Fez and Marrakech, contributed greatly to Moroccan cuisine, as did the Andalusian sensibilities of Tetuan and the Jewish traditions from the coastal city of Essaouira. Aspects of all of these cultures can be found in four of the best-loved Moroccan dishes: couscous, plumped semolina grains which are served with a variety of toppings; Bisteeya, a delectable three-layer pie which is both savoury and sweet and wrapped in the thinnest of pastry; Mechoui, tender roasted lamb; and Djej Emshmel, succulent roasted chicken cooked with olives and lemon.

This North-African country is often a sensory overload. Sand-dunes to snow-skiing, lush vineyards to hot deserts and mix in sandy beaches, Morocco has it all!  Enjoy the wonders of Moroccan gastronomy with our all-inclusive Morocco Tour Packages from India. You will probably be overwhelmed by the beauty and timeless magnificence of this nation that is glorious in its culture, heritage and art.

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