Metanoia Travel


The Journey Of Changing One’s Mind, Heart, Self or Way Of Life.

About Metanoia

Metanoia Travel is a boutique company specializing in custom made international travel to meet every unique requirement of our discerning patrons.

We operate exclusively in luxury holidays and private journeys and are committed in providing travellers with the most comprehensive travel design.

We integrate accommodation, transfers, tours and flights in a seamless and transcending way. We emphasize on every meticulous detail thereby allowing people to have an eclectic yet wholesome experience of well-travelled destinations as well as some of the most remote corners of the world.

By working with a vast network of trusted global partners, we put the very best products under our brand.


Travel is next to communion. Make it thrilling, exciting, and delightful. When it comes to luxury, being unique is what counts, not any comparison with a competitor. Luxury is the expression of a taste, of a creative identity. Every one’s journey is unique and at the end every one’s journey has to be life altering.

Every minute and penny spent on a journey is a memory of a life time. Make it count. Our team is at all times available in addressing any query and we are connected to you every day all throughout your holiday ensuring you are having a good time.

A good and interesting conversation is as good as an aphrodisiac, so is travel.

Our craftsmanship will set us apart. Leveraging all impalpable elements of singularity- i.e. vision behind travel, choice of country, time, heritage, culture, art, prestige & luxury.


Love for travel binds us and our patrons together, therefore, while planning and executing any strategy the team always ensures the philosophies and idea behind this company are reflected in our work.

We do not compete for the lowest cost in the market for your dream holidays as it invariably compromises various aspects of your travel. We ensure our rates are worthy of the holiday we plan for you. Because it is a matter of making memories for a lifetime.

We do not try to sell you anything, you are at liberty to choose from what we have to offer. We are about taste education. This is why we flirt so much with art, avant-garde art. We do not aim at being popular, but instead aim at setting the long lasting standards of taste for tomorrow.


Holiday planning is contagious, & everyone involved should be on board! You don’t want to plan your travels in an indifferent clinical way. You don’t want to design your holiday to see a new destination with theoretic conversation. Select Travel Experts who have collective experience & knowledge; they know exactly what are the most enjoyed & appreciated experiences & you would only end up enriched.

So, if you are searching for rich history, sumptuous cuisine, museums, shopping & pleasant surroundings. Whether you are the couple with an adventurous streak, or the kind who loves all things quaint, or the type who just wants to relax and get pampered, or maybe a little of all the above, Metanoia Travel lets you fashion your ideal holiday.


We are the leading travel experts and destination specialists who know everything you need for a spectacular luxury travel of a lifetime to these incredible countries - Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Croatia, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali, Sri Lanka, Maldives & Russia.

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